Geropsychology - “Helping the Aging"

Feel like all the good times are in the past? Facing unexpected changes and losses and you don't know how to cope? Psychotherapy can help you process and manage those feelings, find solutions, and identify new perspectives.


New or recurring mental difficulties:  The clinical presentation of mental disorders in older adults may be different than in younger adults making detection of a treatable illness more difficult.  It is, therefore, necessary to seek diagnostic evaluation and treatment from a professional trained in geropsychology in order to prevent premature institutionalization, excess disability, unnecessary exacerbation of symptoms and suffering, and even suicide.


Coping with loss or anticipatory grief:  Bereavement is a natural and even healthy response to the death of a loved one.  However, bereavement can increase the probability of, and may cause or exacerbate, mental illness.  Consequently, it is imperative that those who are struggling through the bereavement process obtain properly trained mental healthcare.


Adjusting to changes:  With aging come life changes.  The loss of the ability to drive, lack of structure and/or purpose post retirement, chronic illness, physical disabilities or the necessity for additional assistance, as examples, can be sources of great distress.  These changes can lead to feelings of helplessness, anger, sadness, and guilt.  Geropsychologist are trained to help alleviate the psychological effects of these changes and to assist the individual (and/or their loved ones) make such transitions with minimal detrimental impact.


Caregiver Support:  Psychologist can assist a caregiver by providing education and emotional support.  Furthermore, therapy can help the caregiver understand and prepare for expected changes and loss while also exploring ways to care for self and avoid caregiver burnout.


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