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Are you feeling stuck in a job or a relationship? Struggling to individuate from your parents? Do you feel like you're lacking direction? Are your friends in a different place in their lives and you're feeling left out or alone? Do you lack meaningful relationships or have problems connecting with others? Afraid that you've made a bad career decision or relationship choice but don't know what to do next? These are just some of the problems that I help women address in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy empowers you to become more capable and confident, explores your thoughts and behavior patterns, and educates you on how to cope with life's challenges.



How can psychotherapy help?


Empowerment - Gain personal empowerment! Empowerment, according to Robert Adams, "enables one to take control of their circumstances, exercise power, and achieve goals."


Self-Discovery - Explore your negative thoughts and patterns and answer the questions, "Who am I?," "Why do I do what I do?," and more.


Learn Coping Skills - Develop skills to aid with decision making, problem solving, boundary setting, and effective communication.


Finding Balance - Determine what is important to you and how to expend your time and energy accordingly. 


Goal Identification and Setting - Identify what you want and how to get it.



For the utmost level of privacy and convenience, Dr. Pedroche offers online video psychotherapy sessions. Click here for more information about this service.


Dr. Pedroche can be reached at 561-805-3600 or by clicking here.



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