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Do you appear to have it all but feel burned out, frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Psychotherapy can help you cope with these emotions, problems solve, and change behavior patterns that are causing distress.


Mental disorders or struggles, including burnout, do not discriminate.  Lawyers, doctors, teachers and other professionals can be impacted by the heavy burdens of their jobs. Pressure at work and home, physical and/or mentally demanding responsibilities, and long, strenuous hours can result in mental/emotional distress and burnout.  Untreated mental disorders and burnout can lead to physical illness, relationship problems, substance abuse, feelings of ineffectiveness, and other possibility debilitating problems that are detrimental to providing quality care and service.  


How can psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy is a form of self-care.  Among other benefits, psychotherapy can help you learn healthy ways of coping (including how to set appropriate limits and to adjust your expectations of self) and, subsequently, protect yourself, your relationships, and your profession.  


Dr. Pedroche offers confidential psychotherapy to help professionals mitigate the toll that helping others can take on our emotions and our bodies.  


For the utmost level of privacy and convenience, Dr. Pedroche offers online video psychotherapy sessions.  Click here for more information about this service.


Dr. Pedroche can be reached at 561-805-3600 or click here.


Dr. Pedroche has been selected as a participating therapist for the

Palm Beach County Medical Society's Physician Wellness Program.  

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